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Queensland Government State Disaster Management Group

Website for the Queensland Government State Disaster Management Group

UK Resilience

Europe, Website

This site provides a comprehensive guide to the UKs emergency preparedness and planning procedures along with templates/advice on risk assessment and emergency plans (types) and exercise plans for staff. It provides information about warning and informing the public (what kind of informationt the public will need and methods). There are links to key documents such as generic plans for emergency or major incidents and likelihood and impact scoring scales. There are external links to Red Cross, Emergency Planning College, St John Ambulance etc.

Preparing the public

London Resilience
Europe, preparing the public, pandemic, website - public facing

Health Protection Agency - Nuclear emergencies information for the public - booklet

The Radiation (Emergency Preparedness and Public Information) Regulations 2001 (REPPIR) establish a framework for the protection of the public through emergency preparedness for accidents with the potential to affect members of the public. It requires the provision of information to the public in advance in situations where a radiation emergency might arise and during any kind of radiation emergency.

Get a Game Plan Campaign

Get a Game Plan provides alerts and warnings and comprehensive indexes on emergencies each with guides on procedures to follow from preparing to recovery. It has features on family, business and child preparation with guides for preparing a personal evacuation plan, essential supplies and important documents to have. The site provides ideas for staying informed with links to social networking sites and links to other resources such as important numbers and evacuation information regarding shelter and checkpoints.

Code Ready Campaign

Code Ready provides information on getting informed, organised and prepared for an emergency. It provides guides on creating a plan and building a kit and helping at a local and community level. The site features information on what to do during major emergency’s (e.g. chemical, flood, weather etc) each with tailored checklists and links to external resources for more information and updates on current events.

Federal Emergency Management Agency

The Federal Emergency Management Agency website provides information to the general public and professionals on preparing a plan, recovering and rebuilding and disasters likely to occur in specific regions. There are features on updates, ongoing activities and recent emergencies, with links to the national response framework, regional emergency management offices and plans for long term disaster recovery. There are features on likely disasters with comprehensive planning considerations for each.

St John Ambulance

The Saint John Ambulance Emergency Preparedness site offers information on how to prepare for emergency’s including guides on knowing risks specific to the community or region, making a plan, the site also offers ready kits with emergency supplies and ready meal kits with supplies for 72-hours. There are also links to information resources and workshops.

BePrepared BeReady Campaign

The ‘be prepared be ready campaign’ works in collaboration with the Federal Emergency Management Agency in America to educate the public on emergency preparedness. The site has information cards on tips for sheltering, terrorism prevention and collaborating with the community.  There are links for additional resources in emergency communications, caring for the elderly and the community emergency response network strategic plans.

Fire Department


Information on current events and features, with links to different fire departments and existing resources. Features on testing your knowledge for different situations such as chemical fires, hazardness materials, urban and forest fires

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