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Promotional item designed to encourage the public to visit London's emergency preparedness website of London Prepared.



Quakekare - Emergency Preparedness Experts

Earthquake, preparing the public, North America, website - public facing

This site provides a fire preparedness guide, health and safety tips and preparation techniques, including making a plan, planning an escape route. It has pre-made survival and emergency kits for different disasters (home office, school: earthquake, hurricane, terrorism). You can purchase lights and radios, first aid kits and shelter packs. It features a disaster preparedness newsletter and articles with research and reports in preparedness.

Gateway for Safety & Health Information Resources

North America, website - practitioner facing

This site primarily provides links to other emergency preparedness sites including, organisations such as American Rescue Team International, EmergencyNet, Disaster Procedures for Children and Emergency Preparedness Exchange, FEMA, National Fire Protection Association.

UK Resilience

Europe, Website

This site provides a comprehensive guide to the UKs emergency preparedness and planning procedures along with templates/advice on risk assessment and emergency plans (types) and exercise plans for staff. It provides information about warning and informing the public (what kind of informationt the public will need and methods). There are links to key documents such as generic plans for emergency or major incidents and likelihood and impact scoring scales. There are external links to Red Cross, Emergency Planning College, St John Ambulance etc.


Europe, Website - public facing

This site provides basic information on preperaring for emergencies, including advice on specific risks, national and local risks, there is a 'preparing for emergencies booklet' with a step-by-step guide. There are also features on how the governement is preparing for emergencies, and businesses can prepare (with external links to resources). There is a threat level feature which advises the general public of the likelihood of a terrrorist attack.

Health Protection Agency - Nuclear emergencies information for the public - booklet

The Radiation (Emergency Preparedness and Public Information) Regulations 2001 (REPPIR) establish a framework for the protection of the public through emergency preparedness for accidents with the potential to affect members of the public. It requires the provision of information to the public in advance in situations where a radiation emergency might arise and during any kind of radiation emergency.

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